Provide value to your customers with real estate mapping

BatchGeo makes it easy for you to create real estate maps from a group of listings, sales, or other properties. If you’re a seller’s agent, buyer’s agent, seller or buyer, a map helps visualize the places that matter. Do you maintain a spreadsheet or database of existing property listings? Then you may be only a few clicks away from comprehensive maps that detail all of those properties on a map.

map open houses, rental properties, recent sales, comps

Mapping your real estate listings with BatchGeo is as simple as copying in your listing data and pasting it into our easy to use tool.


Listing agents or brokers

Create a map to visualize your listings or your brokerage listings in one place. All you need is the address of each listing. If you have additional data, such as sales price and home features, those will be included in each Marker Box BatchGeo adds to the map. Further, you can use the map grouping feature to filter the listings based on the underlying data.

Gather your data in a CSV, Excel (XLS or XLSX) or other spreadsheet, then copy and paste it into the BatchGeo tool.


Buyer’s agents

While it’s useful to visualize your listings, sharing that list with other agents or potential customers is where BatchGeo could have a major impact on your business. Use the map embedding feature to seamlessly include your listings map on your website. It will update automatically every time you edit your map, with no need to pay a web developer for every change to your map.

Prepare your clients with a personalized list of properties for their consideration. Use it as a plan of houses to view or a log of everything you’ve shown them. Plot each listing by address and allow them to filter the list with other data elements, such as price, number of bedrooms, or year built.

To create a map, export your selected listings to a CSV, Excel (XLS or XLSX) or other spreadsheet, then copy and paste it into the BatchGeo tool. Use our auto-generated map URL or create a personalized web address.


Map houses for sale

You or your clients can access the listings maps from the web, a mobile browser, or our mobile application.

If you’re searching for a home to buy, you’re likely doing a lot of research. You probably have a spreadsheet of potential properties, the output of your efforts. Make that easier to visualize and share with a BatchGeo map.


Map recent sales for comparable properties

Copy and paste the address and other property data into our simple mapping tool. You can share the map with your partner, your agent, or anyone else you want to keep up on your search.

Whether you’re placing a home on the market or planning to make an offer to buy, you or your agent will look at comparable properties. These “comps” are similar properties that have sold recently. There are various tools to find comparable sales, but typically all you have as output is a list of properties.

Take that list and add it to BatchGeo. If it’s a spreadsheet, you’re ready to go. Just copy and paste it into our simple mapping tool.


Gather real estate data

There are many places where you may find your real estate data. If you are an agent or broker, you’re likely a member of a multiple listings service (MLS) and have access to exported data. If you’re doing your own research on websites, you may have created your own spreadsheet. Or, you could use a site such as to convert website searches into downloadable data.

The minimum data needed to use BatchGeo is a listing address. You could simply have a list of addresses, one per line, and paste them into BatchGeo. The resulting map will show visually where each listing resides. However, if you have more data, you’ll be able to fully explore it with grouping and each field (such as price and square footage) is included in the Marker Box.

Whatever real estate data you have, create your first map now with BatchGeo.